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21 February 2006 @ 09:38 am
well, it seems that i def f***ed things up totaly with wendy.
she obviously hates me, shes not talking to me, texting me, and she spoke to lynne on sunday, and said she doesnt want anything from me again. honesty wasnt the right policy here , that is obvious!
shes now back on the dating site i met her from, she thretened to do so on friday, but didnt honestly think she would, guess she is trying to hurt me back, and yeah, she is :(

im sending her a text in a min, saying sorry, that i miss her, and i understand that she would be angry with me, but i miss her, and please talk to me ( kinda thing )

if she doenst, i know ill end up driving there, i can feel it in me swelling up, its going to be a nasty show down, with me driving for 6 hours in tears and feeling worse then i do now, but i need to do it.

ive made THE biggest mistake of my life, i misjudged things SO badly, and i cant see a way of repairing things.

im such a ass!!
Current Mood: suicidal :(